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Have you recently lost or misplaced your keys and are worried that they might fall into the wrong hands? Immediately call rekey locks emergency  service and get your locks rekeyed.

What prompts an emergency rekey locks?

Rekeying is a simple procedure where a locksmith replaces the pins inside your lock so that the old keys cannot operate them anymore. It’s a surefire method to eliminate risk and ensure that only you have access to your property. There are several reasons why you may need to avail emergency rekey locks  service, such as:

  • Misplaced or stolen keys:  Anybody with wrong intentions can get hold of your key and will be able to access your property. If you have lost your keys or suspect that they have been stolen, immediately get your locks rekeyed.
  • Fall out with someone:  If you have given your key to your ex-spouse or someone you don’t trust anymore, it’s advisable to get your locks rekeyed immediately. A rekey service will ensure that they can no longer enter your property with the old key. 
  • New apartment:  Getting locks rekeyed immediately after moving into a new apartment is important as you never know if the former tenant still holds the key to the property.

We offer quality service

We receive countless rekey requests every week and most of them are urgent. Silver Spring Locksmith Services offers 24x7 rekey locks emergency  service to commercial, residential, and automotive clients everywhere in Silver Spring, MD area and assures a quick response time no matter what time of the day you call us. Our locksmiths have years of experience and can work any kind of lock, right from Abloy to Mul-T-locks.

Widely known for fair pricing and transparency

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We always guide our customers in the right direction and do not force them to get new locks installed when a much cheaper rekey procedure can do the job. Unlike other locksmiths, we don’t even charge an insane sum of money just for providing a quick emergency service or showing up in the middle of the night.

We are trusted by a number of residential and commercial clients in and around Silver Spring for our quick and hassle-free rekey locks emergency  service. We carry out locks rekeying with remarkable dexterity and never leave any room for failure.

Have you recently moved into a new apartment? Did you have a falling out with someone and no longer trust them with your keys? Get your locks rekeyed without any delay! Call us on 301-804-9303!